Ziro Valley, A Hidden Treasure Of Arunachal Pradesh


The stunning beauty of the Apatani Plateau, popularly known as Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh, is positioned at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The place is full of rich rice fields surrounded by mountains and pine trees that together create a soul-captivating scenario. The cool summer season of this region is an exception in this place, with cold winters being the chief characteristic of the Ziro Valley. No wonder the enriching scenario captured by your camera on the trip will flop to create enough fairness to the hues of Ziro.

With this view in mind, let us show you the beauty of Ziro valley through our eyes.

Places To Visit In Ziro Valley

Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

A leading place in Ziro valley covering 337sq.km of the land is the abode of the most endangered species. The dark beauty of the forest where human intervention is pretty less has the amazing view of flora and fauna covering the silver fir trees, orchids, bamboos all standing in rows to maintain the peaceful discipline of the valley. It is also a famous Biodiversity zone of Arunachal Pradesh.

Meghna Cave Temple

It is a must visit spot in the Ziro valley, holding an ancient temple of nearly 5000 years ago, rediscovered by historians back in the year 1962. It is positioned 300 feet above the valley, with the majestic mountains and compact forests that desperately shows-off their beauty of lush greenery brings in a hypnotic feeling on the viewers. You will be lost in the beauty of the forest and mountains, as an utter less scenario will take away your words to express your feelings.

Kile Pakho

The ridge Kile Pakho is located 7 km away from the old Ziro valley. This dramatic place attracts the tourists- the delightful nature lovers for witnessing the picturesque beauty. You can climb on the ridge to make your trip an adventurous one; even you can have Ziro valley –plateau’s outstanding views on one side and snow-clad Himalayan mountain series on the other side, together you will feel out of the world.


An enthusiastic nature lover would fall in love with the blue pine trees for which Midey is most popular. You will find the tallest and huge pine trees in the entire Apatani valley or Ziro Valley. You can try out trekking and climbing desires in this place.

Ziro Puto

An independent hillock Ziro Puto in Ziro Valley is the first administrative centre. The place is also known by the name of Army Puto. Here, a sudden view of the unexpected hillocks is enjoyed by the travelers; it is an amazing feeling altogether.

Dolo Mando

To the extreme west of the Ziro Valley another notable hillock is positioned gallantly, which attracts tourists across the globe. It is none other than the Dolo Mando. The place is spectacular as it has a mesmerizing scenic view that keeps one spellbound to the place. Trekking in this area would bring in an exciting feeling in you.

Pine Grove

Ziro valley is full of a series of trees, among which pine trees are found in plenty. The entire region is full of pine trees which together make the surroundings look awestruck. The mountains and the pine trees with pines hanging on them will increase your lust for nature. The trees do have an intense feeling and sophistication in their height. While trekking on the way, in the mildly cold weather, when you will notice the pine trees standing united, the feeling that will hit you is unexplainable. The shades of green hue create a wonder-like experience in the trip.

Tipi Orchid Research Center

Ziro valley has many notable attractions, one of them being the Tipi Orchid area. It holds 10 hectares of land in between the hills and the tropical rain forest. If you visit the place, the experience of noticing 1000 varieties of the orchids will surprise you. The famous orchid glasshouse is the most visited location of this place. This glasshouse made of fiberglass has a vast gallery along with a pond and a fountain- enhancing its beauty at Ziro valley.

Tarin Fish farm

This beautiful place, Tarin Fish farm, is located amidst the pine and the bamboo trees. You may have never experienced a high-altitude fish farm, which seems bred here for the tourists’ attraction at the Ziro valley.

How To Reach Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh?

Ziro valley can be accessed by a roadway from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. It takes only 4 hours if the weather does not break out in between. The nearest railway station is Naharlagun outside Itanagar. You can access the air route as well, and the nearest one is at Guwahati. The best route is to fly to Guwahati- stay overnight at Naharlagun and finally take a drive to Ziro valley.

Camping area near Ziro Valley

Staying in the Ziro valley is not problematic as it is a village area; thus, hotels and resorts are easily accessible at the Ziro valley. You can take shelter in the camps to make your trip exciting and adventurous. Do not feel secluded; it is a very nice place full of beautiful and enchanting scenery.

Ziro Festival

One best thing to enjoy in Ziro Valley is their Ziro festival which is a popular festival of Arunachal Pradesh celebrated by the native people to uplift their cultural heritage. Try to hike to take a look at it. It is the most astounding festival full of music ceremonies in the air. The local delicacy of fried rats is another popular item.

Let’s enjoy the trip to Ziro valley and write to us about your feelings. To know more about other places in India, keep visiting Travelist.

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