A Gruesome Tale Of Nohkalikai

Do you know there is a beautiful fall in Meghalaya.  Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most beautiful and highest plunge waterfall in India.

But, a horrid story is associated with this beautiful fall. Story Of Likai is not less than a gruesome horror.

Noh Ka Likai, meaning the leap of Likai or Jump of Likai.

Once upon a time, a widow named Ka Likai lived in Meghalaya. Ka Likai had a daughter from her first marriage, and they lived together happily.

Ka Likai decided to remarry in order to find a good father for her daughter. But, something else was written for her in her destiny.

The new husband had hatred for Ka Likai’s daughter. The reason for her new husband’s hatred was that Ka Likai gave her time to her daughter instead of her husband.

So, one day, when Ka Likai was out on her daily work, Ka Likai’s husband killed the daughter and made a meal out of her flesh.

When Ka Likai returned home, she was a bit shocked as she was not able to see her daughter at home. But, she was happy as her husband prepared a meal for her. 

She ate all the cooked food. But, when she moved into her house, she saw her daughter’s finger near a betel-nut basket.

The grief was so much for Ka Likai that she decided to end her life by jumping off the waterfall. Since that time, the name of the waterfall has been NohKaLikai falls.

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