Blue Water Destinations Around The World


Egremnoi beach on West Coast is famous for the Blue Water view.  


Crater lake of America is stunning lake due to the presence of deep blue water. 


Blue Lagoon lake of Jamaica is another visual treat due to its blue color water.

British Virgin Islands

Devil’s Bay is a blue color gem like lake. This place is worth visiting.


Ambergris Caye is the largest barrier reef outside Australia. It is a great place for scuba and snorkeling. 


Five flower lake of China, is a brilliant blue lake and also a world heritage site.

Andaman, India

Blue water of Andamans are visual treat and worth visiting once in a lifetime.


Peyto Lake got its blue water from the majestic Peyto Glacier and the Wapta Icefields.


It is having the best islands no doubt. That is why most star kids prefer to visit this beautiful island country.

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