10 Surprising Facts About AAA Travel Insurance

AAA Travel Insurance covers more than just trip cancellations and medical emergencies. It also provides coverage for lost baggage, trip delays, and even rental car damage.

Did you know that AAA Travel Insurance offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions? This is a valuable feature for travelers with existing health concerns.

AAA Travel Insurance offers a unique "Cancel for Any Reason" benefit, allowing you to cancel your trip and receive a partial reimbursement, regardless of the reason.

Unlike many other insurance providers, AAA Travel Insurance offers coverage for adventure activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, and scuba diving.

AAA Travel Insurance provides 24/7 multilingual assistance to help you in case of emergencies, no matter where you are in the world.

With AAA Travel Insurance, you can receive emergency cash advances if your wallet or travel funds are lost or stolen while traveling.

AAA Travel Insurance offers coverage for trip interruptions caused by natural disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires.

Travelers who purchase AAA Travel Insurance have access to a network of trusted medical providers worldwide, ensuring quality care in unfamiliar destinations.

AAA Travel Insurance provides coverage for emergency medical evacuations, including transportation by air ambulance if necessary.

AAA Travel Insurance offers coverage for missed connections due to flight delays or cancellations, providing peace of mind during tight travel itineraries.

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