Pelling Tour: The Jewel of West Sikkim

Hello everyone, here comes another week to show you the beauty of India, which will add to your bucket list of must-visit destinations. Be ready to add Pelling to your Sikkim tour package Itinerary.

What can be more beautiful in front of the beauty of mountains! A pleasant little town popularly known as Pelling is popular for its magnificent views of snow-capped mountain tops of the Kanchenjunga range, the third highest peak of the Himalayas situated on the top of West Bengal. Pelling is 130 kilometers away from Siliguri and 115 Kilometers from Gangtok, chiefly connected with the adventurous jeep ride. The beauty of Pelling pulls the tourists towards its un-explainable beauty, nature, and culture of the chief state of Sikkim.

Pelling, with its mesmerizing beauty, is positioned at an elevation of 6800 feet high, including the top ranges like Koktang, Kumbhakarna, Kabru Dome, and others. The entire Pelling is divided into upper Pelling and lower Pelling, and from almost all the hotels, you will get a magnificent view of mighty Kanchenjunga / Kanchenjunga.

Prepare For Your Pelling Tour: How Is The Pelling Weather?

pelling weather

It is true that the entire weather of Sikkim is the most soothing and chilling, loved by all who once visit the place. This beautiful view and weather of Pelling are what make Pelling tour a lifetime memory. It varies from bright sunlight morning to grayish cloudy spots, ending up in matte finishing of weather. The bond of sun and cloud in this superb place Pelling plays the game of hiding and seek all year round, creating a wow factor in the environment and in the people visiting the place.

April, May, and June

These are the scorching summer season months, which are not scorching at all in Pelling. The heat persists all over, but the cool mountain ambiance creates a mixture of hot and cool together; thus, most tourists love to visit the mountain places during the summer seasons in the Plains. The average temperature remains 15 to 20 centimeters- the best time to enjoy the beauty of Pelling.

July to September

The time when the rainwater gushes overflowing the slopes of the mountain. The landslides are a common feature of this time, which create a disturbance on the roads, making them slippery and inaccessible. The tours generally come down at these phrases of time, but if you are planning for a tour at this time, in a budget-friendly way, without the hesitation to carry an umbrella, the Pelling is undoubtedly the first option to visit.

October and November

Pelling tour is in its peak demand among travelers, as this is the time of the festival. All of us love to visit different places this time, and if it is a hill station like Pelling, then nothing can be better than that. Around this time, the visibility of the smoggy mountainous area looks awesome all over, and you will find out a hidden beauty of nature and be mesmerized by it intensely.

December to March

The time of coolness, the month of Winter brings in an added charm to the place, Pelling. The Snowy, ice-capped ranges and the green lushes create a never-ending story of expressing its dynamic beauty. It’s the period when most of the tourists visit not being afraid of the chilling weather but to enjoy the beauty of tranquility and calmness. Pelling tours in these months are for travelers who want to experience the tranquility of an eternal sage called Himalaya.

The best time period is the post-monsoon time; try to be at Pelling to witness the beauty of India at a very reasonable cost.

Sightseeing At Pelling

Pemayangtse Monastery

pelling monastry

It literally means a perfect sublime lotus is an ideal destination as it is the oldest destination of Pelling. The wooden wall is highly textured with seven tints painted on it, a monastery of the ancient time that carries the cultural richness of the forgotten era. Pemayangtse is a must to visit destination in your Pelling tour plan.

Sanga Choeling

Sanga Choeling” by walter callens, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This Monastery is situated a the top of the town of Pelling – the uphill scenarios, the weather, and the tranquility of nature says it all. The surrounding hills are just like the boundaries of beauty arranged to hypnotize people.

Sangay Waterfall

pelling waterfall

It is 10 kilometers from Pelling with the amazing sightseeing view of waters falling from the topmost part of the mountain, with the green meadows carpeted on it.

Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake” by shankar s. is licensed under CC BY 2.0

It is one of the most sacred lakes of the Sikkim, and it remains covered in the greens of the forest with single leaves floating on the water of the lake, bringing a great view of peacefulness.

Rabdentse Ruin

Rabdentse Ruin” by Ankur P from Pune, India, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is the second capital of Sikkim after Yuksom. It is a hidden place within walking distance from Pelling. Rabdentse Ruin is a must-visit place that has an untold story to tell.

You have the advantage of enjoying a half-day tour at Pelling, one night stay till the post-lunch period. You can have a quick visit to Khechepalri Lake, where you will witness the raging waterfall, rock garden, and Kanchenjunga waterfall as well. The stopover spot Darap Eco Village completes the half-day tour to Pelling.

Things To Know Before You Visit Pelling

If you are a first-timer in Pelling, it’s advised to take a full-day tour to enjoy the Singing stone, Kothak Lake altogether. The small place has amazing things to show you; thus, you must take advantage to see it all. The advantageous location of the place with hotels and lodges around Pelling caters to interesting tastes of nature with adventure in it.

  • If you have booked your tour for Pelling, you can go from Gangtok to Pelling 115 km – 5 hours
  • From Bagdogra airport 135 km- 5.5hours
  • From Jalpaiguri railway station 190 km -5.5 hours
  • From Darjeeling Town 190 km- 4.5 hour
  • From Kalimpong, 85 km- 4 hours
  • From Jorethang, 42 km- 2.5 hour
  • From Ravangla, 45 km- 2.5 hours

You can choose your own comfortable way to reach the connecting place, Pelling, where comes a great experience is waiting for you to unfold. It would be amazing to live in Pelling; you will get to see the amazing view, tranquil weather, and cool breeze to make you feel enlightened to involve yourself in the exquisiteness of nature.

We hope you have had a good time reading about this beautiful place in west Sikkim, to know more about beautiful and exotic locations, keep visiting Travelist.

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