Haridwar – A Spiritual Journey


Haridwar, a small town nestled in Uttarakhand, is one of the consecrated places in India. Haridwar means Door to Hari. In Hinduism, Hari is another name for Lord Vishnu. Haridwar is of utmost importance for Hindus. People from all over India and around the globe visit this sacred place for salvation. A Spiritual Walk At … Read more

Shimla – A Perfect Getaway Destination | List Of Places To Visit In Shimla


Being a working professional, I always prefer places where I can reach within a few hours or maximum in a day. Traveling for days to reach a destination is something which I do occasionally. Moreover, I cannot deny my love for hill stations as well. “Mountains are calling me” this line suits me best. I find … Read more

Offbeat Hill Stations Near Delhi

Offbeat Hill Stations Near Delhi

Are you fed up watching pictures showing a flock of tourists at Manali, Shimla, and other famous hill stations? I am sure you are, and now you want to visit places where you can find tranquillity and close affinity with nature. During the peak seasons, it is always better to choose destinations that are lesser-known … Read more

Interesting Facts About Delhi

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Built on the banks of the Yamuna, Delhi is a beautiful city of India. It is a vibrant city with people of lively nature. Delhi is one of the fastest developing cities in India. It is a culturally rich city, witnessing a blend of various people from different parts of India. This is what makes … Read more