How To Plan A Road Trip: An Ultimate Guide For A Safer Road Trip

Sometimes a journey is worth remembering rather than a destination.

Road trips are memorable as they are filled with fun and adventures. They are the long drives that soothe your soul. You create many memories to cherish for a lifetime when on a road trip with friends or family. But for a successful road trip journey, you have to do a lot of planning, or else it would be your worst nightmare. But the question is how to plan a road trip. Most of you are excited about your first road trip, however, not have a plan for it. To make your travel easy and convenient, I have come up with an expert-backed road trip plan. This article will cover everything, from bike road trip journeys to car long drive tips. So, stick with the article till the end and be ready for your next adventure.

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Best Tips For Road Trips In India

Safety should be your topmost priority when you plan a road trip with family, friends, or solo. Here I have listed the best tips for your next road journey.

Select A Realistic Location/Destination

how to plan a road trip

It is crucial to opt for a good destination while you are traveling in your own vehicle. Choose a smooth road and never fall for tough ones. You have to reach your destination safely and happily.

If you are a rookie and planning your first road journey, then choose a nearby destination. Pick a place where you can reach within 5 to 6 hours. For example, if you are planning a road trip from Delhi, your ideal destination will be Nainital, Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, etc. All these places are within 300 Kms of distance from the capital.

Also, plan your route beforehand. Especially during the time of Covid, you want to keep yourself safe and healthy. Do not exhaust yourself while driving; take proper breaks. Therefore, mark your halts, keep in mind hygiene and other necessary things.

Choose A Right Time For Your Road Trip Journey

how to plan a road trip

Finding a perfect time for your road journey requires a good amount of research. You just cannot rev your engine and go just like that. Especially if you are planning your road trip in India, you have to be precise with weather conditions. Avoid traveling during heavy rainfall and during nighttime. The right decision would be traveling on a bright sunny day. Choosing the right time for your road journey can minimize the risk potential to a great extent.

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Tune Up Your Car

how to plan a road trip

First of all, choose a car which is spacious and comfortable. SUVs are best for any road journey. They are comfortable and have a good grip over the mountain roads. The next thing is to get your car checks done. Get it tuned up according to the trip. Check tyres, brakes, and other important parts of your car. Keep a spare tyre and electric air pump for emergency purposes.

Make A Road Trip Song list

how to plan a road trip

Road trips are full of fun if you have the right people and songs with you. Road trip songs can take away all sorts of boredom and keep your mood light. Therefore, pick the best playlist and be ready for your journey. Try to keep energetic songs as well. Often people feel sleepy during the journey. Thus, some energetic songs may boost the mood.

Keep Light And Healthy Food

how to plan a road trip

Most of the time, we are too excited about the trip and keep all the snacks and junk food with us. Though it satiates our taste buds, it can create complications. It is always better to keep food that keeps you fuller for a long time and does not impact your health. Junk food may disturb your digestive tract and make you feel nauseated. Furthermore, stay hydrated all time.

These tips can help you out a lot. Before going on your first road trip, follow all these aforementioned tips to enjoy your trip to the fullest. For travel guides and other information, keep visiting Travelist, a one-stop for all your destinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to plan a road trip during Covid?

During the pandemic situation, always try to avoid eating from roadside eateries. Also, keep yourself updated with Covid travel norms. You may need to carry your vaccination certificate with you while travelling. Therefore, contact your hotel or visit the state website to get an update related to Covid norms.

How to plan a road trip with Google Maps?

Nowadays, technology has made our lives easier. You can reach your destination effortlessly. Just switch on your GPS, enter your current location and destination. You will get all route details and traffic updates on your phone. However, sometimes, maps may confuse a newbie or may show an incorrect path. Therefore, keep an eye on signboards throughout the journey.

How to plan a road trip on a budget?

Planning a road trip on a budget is not a very tricky task. You just have to cut down your extravagant expenses. Pack your food from home, avoid your trip during peak times, and go with 3 to 4 friends and divide your budget.

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