Fresh snowfall In Manali And Shimla, Tourists Gathered In Great Numbers

A picturesque view emerges once again in Manali and Shimla after both places receive fresh snowfall on Thursday, 3rd February 2022. After a good spell of snowfall in Manali and Shimla in the month of January, February again brings the good news for all the travelers. Those who love white winter trips must make a place to enjoy the fresh snowfall in Shimla and Manali.

As per the weather experts, the resulting snowfall is due to the fresh western disturbance that occurred in the southwest region of the Rajasthan that causes snowfall in the Himalayas and heavy rainfall in the other parts of North India.

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Snowfall In Shimla And Manali – A Good Sign For Hotel And Resort Owners

As a breathtaking view surfaces after a snowfall in Shimla and Manali, Hotels and Resort owners also find a breath of relief as well. After a lean period due to a spike in omicron cases last month, the Tourism business is again finding momentum. Hotel owners are hoping to see a good flock of tourists in the upcoming weekend and in the month of February.

Along with Manali and Shimla, other places of Himachal Pradesh are blessed with snowfall. Tourists are rushing to the hill stations to enjoy the weekend.

Problems Appear Due To Heavy Snowfall

On the one hand, heavy snowfall brought good news for the Tourism sector, but other issues developed due to heavy snowfall.

  • Roadblocks were reported in various places in Himachal Pradesh because of heavy snowfall. Water pipes have frozen as the temperature continuously remains less than 0 degrees.
  • Various villages in Himachal Pradesh face electricity shortage as the power supply gets disrupted.
  • Tourists also spent the night in vehicles as vehicles are slipping due to lack of traction caused by heavy snowfall. The slow movement of traffic resulted in road blockage.

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If you are planning your trip to Manali and Shimla, be watchful for the weather. Also, those who are opting for a road journey carry tire chains to move with traction on roads filled with snow. Make your journey safe and more enjoyable by following all the instructions provided by the tourism and weather forecast departments. Keep visiting Travelist for more updates and to know everything related to travel.

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