Badrinath Temple | Badrinath Dham | Char Dham

Badrinath temple is one of the most significant and beautiful temples situated in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the holy places for Hindus. Badrinath is also one of the Chardham, and every year thousands of devotees visit this temple.

In the 8th century, Shri Adi Shankara re-establish the Badrinath temple as an important pilgrim site in Uttarakhand.

Mythologies Associated With Badrinath Temple

There are two interesting legends associated with Badrinath Dham.

Story of Shiva And Parvati At Badrinath

As per the legend, Badrinath Dham was originally a place of Shiva and Parvati. One good day, Shiva and Parvati, after taking a long walk, came back to Badrinath and saw a child sitting at the door and crying. Looking at the child, Goddess Parvati could not control her mother’s instincts and picked up the child. Lord Shiva was suspicious of the child, but Goddess Parvati still took her inside the Badrinath. When the child went inside the house with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, he became happy and stopped crying.

In the evening, when Shiv and Parvati again came back from outside, they saw the doors of Badrinath were closed from inside by the child. Shiva left with two options, either burn everything or leave the place and find some other home. Shiva chose not to burn the house as Goddess Parvati’s emotions were attached to that child. Therefore, they both left the place and found a new home in Kedarnath.

Story of Vishnu And Laxmi At Badrinath Dham

Once upon a time, Lord Vishnu was criticized by a sage for living a luxurious life. In order to get forgiveness from the sage, Lord Vishnu decided to meditate in Badrinath. Seeing Lord Vishnu meditating, Goddess Laxmi converted herself into a tree to provide shelter to Lord Vishnu from harsh weather.

Other Legends Associated With Badrinath Dham

Badrinath is also associated with the Mahabharata times as well. After many years of the Mahabharat war, when Pandavas walked towards heaven, they stopped in a village called Mana, near Badrinath temple. Such legends are heard from locals living around Badrinath Temple.

Best Time To Visit Badrinath Temple

  • Badrinath Temple opens from late April or early May to late October or mid-November. For the rest of the year, the temple remains closed due to heavy snowfall.
  • The ideal time to visit the temple is from May to June and September to October.
  • Badrinath opens in late April or at the beginning of May month. It remains open till mid-November. Rest of the month, Badrinath remains closed due to heavy snowfall in this area. Avoid visiting the place during monsoon or when heavy rainfall is predicted.

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