About Me

Travelling is a way of living and those who wander find wonders. 

Hello Folks,

Welcome to my blog, Travelist. I am Tushar, a travel blogger. I am passionate about going from one place to another. I love travelling and exploring things and places which were never been explored or talked about. I am an ordinary guy, who is extraordinarily obsessed with travelling and writing travel stories. You can call me a Hodophile or a nomad, anything you like. Wandering and discovering new towns, cities, cultures, and nature satiate my soul and give me a break from this humdrum life.

I was not a travel blogger, but just a rolling stone, who was focused on journeying. Then, one day I decided to give words to my excursions and started this blog space named, Travelist.

Through my travel stories and articles, I just wanted to share my experiences and expeditions. Here you will find various articles based on different destinations. 

Travelist.co.in is a space that documents everything associated with travelling. All the travellers who are hooked on the idea of exploring wonderful places will certainly find interesting content to plan their journey.

What Can I Do For You

  • Do you have travel stories to tell? You can share them on my space.
  • I can help you plan out your next trip.
  • I can take you into places through my travel stories.