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Interesting Facts About Delhi

Built on the banks of the Yamuna, Delhi is a beautiful city of India. It is a vibrant city with people of lively nature. Delhi is one of the fastest developing cities in India. It is a culturally rich city, witnessing a blend of various people from different parts of India. This is what makes the city more beautiful. But, do you know, this fast-paced city has many things that are yet uncharted by many. Yes, you heard it right. There are various things about Delhi that are never heard or read by many people living in the city. Through this article, I have written down the surprising facts about Delhi. You must read till the end.

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A Historical Walk In The Capital: Places To Visit in Delhi

Far from the mountains, miles away from the valleys, and unknown to beaches, Delhi is still one of India’s most eventful places. It is not just the capital of India but a melting pot of various cultures, people, food, and whatnot. Today, through this blog, I will introduce you to the historic side of Delhi. Most of the Delhiites have been to various places across India and outside but have not unravelled the capital itself. This is true, even I have been unknown to so many historical sites in Delhi.

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